Spotless Carpet Cleaning Prices

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Our prices for commercial carpet and hard floor cleaning and home carpet and hard floor cleaning are detailed below. If you're not sure then please give us a call on 01283 599219 and we'll price up for you.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning and Upholstery Pricing

For commercial carpet cleaning or hard floor cleaning we visit all clients and provide a competitive quotation within 24 hours of the meeting. Please contact us to arrange a visit by clicking here or calling 01283 599219.

Home Carpet Cleaning Prices - please contact us for latest offers and discounts 

Home carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaning prices are detailed below up to a size limit of 275 square feet per room.

  • 1 room £39
  • 2 rooms £49
  • 3 rooms and above £20 per room
  • Hall, stairs and landing £39 (one flight)
  • Maximum 275 square feet per room
  • Further 20% off if having the whole house cleaned

Home Upholstery Cleaning Prices - please contact us for latest offers and discounts

  • 3 piece suite £60
  • 1 sofa £30
  • 1 chair £20

Scotch Guard Prices

If you would like to protect your carpets for 12 months then simply add scotch guard to your clean from only £10 per room