How we do it

How we do it

The science behind carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning

Spotless Carpet Cleaning clean carpets and upholstery for offices, all types of businesses and homes alike, removing tough stains and the general build up of dirt caused by everyday use. We leave your carpet fresh, clean, and safe for your employees, children and pets. 

Why buy a new carpet when you can revive your existing one?

Regular carpet cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpet as well as minimising the amount of bacteria and dirt harboured in the fibres. The information below explains the process.

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Spotless Carpet Cleaning Process Survey

Step 1

The carpet cleaning technician will undertake an assessment of your carpets to establish the construction of the carpet, the material used in the fibres of the carpet, the backing type, any damage, stains or dirt that is present before commencing. Where necessary, a burn and/or float test will be undertaken to help confirm the type of material used in the manufacture of the carpet. This is important to ensure that the correct chemicals and treatments are used when extracting the dirt.

Step 2

Pre-treatment spray of the whole carpet area with focus on walkways and high traffic areas - this is left to settle and loosen the dirt for approximately 15 mins.

Step 3

Spot treatment of any specific stains with our selection of professional stain removal treatments (see examples below.)

Step 4

Where necessary a stiff brush or rotary machine is used to aggetate the carpet and further loosen dirt, pet hair and raise the pile.

Step 5

A commercial SteamPro machine is used to apply the carpet shampoo rinse and suck all of the pretreatment spray and dirt out of the carpet. Your carpet is left fresh and clean!

Our upholstery cleaning service uses the same process for most fabrics with a pre-treatment spray, spot treatment of stains followed by shampoo and extraction with the upholstery cleaning attachment on the machine. This sucks dirt, bacteria and stains out leaving the fabric damp for a couple of hours. Examples of our stain removal can be seen below.

See it in action...

Before and after the Spotless treatment...

  • Before the Spotless Treatment...
  • The same carpet after the Spotless Carpet Treatment