Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions about carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning

How often should I have my carpets or hard floor cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend professionally cleaning carpets once every 12-18 months. It is always better to clean carpets and hard flooring regularly and before they become soiled as this will reduce the life of the carpet or hard floor and make it difficult to get clean again. 

Can I clean my carpet or hard flooring myself?

This is of course an option for you as there are many products available to the public however all Spotless Carpet & Floor Cleaning Technicians have been through extensive training on the cleaning solutions they are using on your carpet or hard flooring, how to treat specific stains on carpets and hard floors and how to use the commercial grade cleaning equipment. This means that the results are better than results from off the shelf products. 

Do you use chemicals to clean?

Yes we do, it is a popular misconception that carpet cleaning can be undertaken without the use of chemicals or simply by using steam cleaning.  The best cleaning results are always seen when using a combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning. The chemicals that Spotless Carpet Cleaning use to clean carpets and hard flooring are industry approved and perfectly safe for the office environment and for children and pets in the home. Anti-bacterial carpet cleaning treatments are available to kill bacteria and germs in your carpet. Please click here to enquire or book or call 01283 599219. 

I have children and / or pets, will they be affected by the carpet and hard floor cleaning chemicals?

All of our cleaning chemicals are safe to use in the home but we advise you to keep children and pets off of the carpets or hard flooring that have been cleaned until they are completely dry to help prevent slips as well as tracking in fresh dirt. 

What preparation should I do before you arrive to clean my carpets or hard flooring?

A thorough vacuum of the carpet or hard flooring will help to get the best out of the cleaning particularly if you have pets. Removal of pet hair before we clean your carpets will see better results. Where possible we ask you to move any small items of furniture or ornaments out of the way. Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians will move or work around any larger items such as beds and sofas. Please check your manufacturers warranty for your carpets with regards to carpet cleaning or for your hard flooring for hard floor cleaning and let us know any special instructions before we arrive to clean.

Do I have to move furniture?

Yes, where possible we ask you to move any small items out of the way. Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians will move or work around any larger items such as beds and sofas.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

This depends on many factors including what the carpet is made from, how soiled it was, how much water the carpet cleaning technician has had to use to clean the carpet, the weather, the indoor temperature etc… However in most cases the carpets are dry in a minimum time of 2 hours. We highly recommend staying off the carpets overnight if possible to allow them to fully dry and prevent re-soiling. You can improve drying times by opening windows and having central heating on. 

What happens after the carpet cleaning?

Please try and stay off of the carpets for at least 2-3 hours but preferably overnight or until the carpets are completely dry. Please do not put any furniture with wooden feet on to the wet carpet as the wood stain can leach into the carpet.

Is there a risk of shrinkage when carpet cleaning?

If the carpet is good quality and was installed correctly it is very rare that it will shrink. 

Will all of the stains come out of my carpet or hard flooring?

No guarantee can be made that all stains will be removed. This entirely depends on what the stain is, what attempt has been made to remove it using other products, what material the carpet or hard flooring is made from etc... Some stains damage the actual carpet fibres and no amount of cleaning will be able to reverse this. Carpet cleaning is designed to be a preventative or maintenance procedure to increase the life of the carpet. Carpet or hard flooring stain removal is more of a restoration procedure which is entirely separate to the carpet cleaning process. We do of course, have lots of affective treatments to tackle a wide range of stains which give incredible results. Guarantees cannot be made because there are too many unknown factors.  If you have a stain you would like us to look at please speak to the Carpet Cleaning Technician during your appointment and he will be able to advise the best way forward.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove the stain guard from my carpet?

Yes cleaning your carpets professionally will remove stain guard however this type of guard usually wears off after a 12 month period anyway as it Is not a permanent seal. We can re-apply scotch guard for all carpeted areas once the cleaning is complete. This carries an additional cost, please either ask about this when booking or talk to your Carpet Cleaning Technician on the day of your appointment. 

Do Spotless Carpets clean chairs, sofas and other upholstery?

Yes we do, just click here to get a quote or call us on 01283 599219 for a price.